Money talks
(with its partner)

When you share much of your life with someone, it makes sense to share your financial goals, worries and maybe even credit scores. But even if you’re a match made in heaven, 1 in 3 couples feel financially incompatible. This week, we’ll help you talk more openly and constructively with each other about spending, saving and your life goals. No arguments needed.

7 conversation-starters about money for couples

How often do you and your partner talk about money? If the thought makes you a little twitchy, you’re not alone.

adult daughter kisses her older father on the cheek
Rob & Linda's story of financial compatibility

Read how we coached them through the pandemic and into the retirement they dreamed of.

Date-night restaurants in the North West

If money-talk feels like a chore, turn it into a treat with a date-night and chew over your finances.

Life Changes with a solid retirement plan

At LightSide, Retirement Planning is at the core of everything we do. So we won’t just talk to you about pensions, because we know retirement planning is about so much more than that. Our ongoing ‘Life Changes’ service is proven, not to just start a solid plan but to make sure things stay on track, no matter what life throws at you.

It all starts with an informal, straightforward chat.
Shall we put the kettle on?