Husband and wife Rob and Linda were close to retirement, and wanted pension advice to help them make the most of it. They’d spoken to three different financial advisors but our down-to-earth, clear and calming approach to financial planning felt the right fit for them.

We listened and talked through their individual attitudes to money and their plans for retirement as a couple. Their financial compatibility was clearly complimentary, with both Rob and Linda living for the now – plenty of luxury holidays, trips away in their beloved caravan, time on the golf course and treating their children on the cards. So, we advised them to use funds from Linda’s pension to finance some home renovations, and holidays they had their heart set on.

“It made me realise I’ve got a lot more flexibility than I ever imagined, as well as genuine financial security. I was able to retire much earlier than I’d planned and I don’t need to worry about my retirement anymore.”
- Linda

When the pandemic started, we gave them peace of mind about money with a financial forecast, which visually showed them the consequences of overspending too early. And while stock markets were down, we coached them to reduce their spending. (A few less golfing trips across the country for now, Rob!) But with practical tips and clear explanations, they trusted us and understood this was a short-term plan, not a cause for worry.

When markets started improving, we increased their income and encouraged a more relaxed approach to spending. Perfect timing – and not just for Rob, who couldn’t wait to get back on the golf course. Their daughter had just engaged, and Rob and Linda wanted to help fund her dream wedding in Ibiza.

“LightSide made me realise we’ve got a lot more flexibility than we ever imagined.”

When the time came for them both to retire, we reviewed their tax allowances as a couple to minimise any tax liability and payments. They could book their first-class plane tickets with no regrets!

Because of the trust Linda and Rob put in us, and the service and technology we gave them, they’ve found the perfect spending balance to live the life they want throughout retirement.

However your LifeChanges™ we’ll be there.