Take retirement for a test drive

Planning for your retirement is an exciting excuse to try new things, dabble in new hobbies, go to new places and get a flavour of how you might want to spend more of your time in the future. Here’s a bucket list of ideas to get your retirement juices flowing. It’s all about putting in some groundwork (especially the flying lessons!).

Get ready for take off

Other than retiring, the ultimate freedom has to be flying. And if you learn before you retire, imagine the possibilities afterwards. Learning at the Liverpool Flying School gives you access to stunning scenery like Snowdonia, the Lake District and the Isle of Man. They’ll be happy to take you under their wings.

Learn another language

Lots of people’s retirement plans include travel. Literally a whole world of possibilities lie ahead and what better preparation could you make than to learn a new language? There are lots of places and courses in the North West where you can add an impressive, and extremely useful, string to your bow. Bon voyage.

Yoga in the Northwest

A great place to start your retirement planning is in your local yoga studio. The physical and mental benefits begin immediately and you’ll certainly reap the rewards once you retire. You’ll be calmer, fitter and more flexible – ready for the active retirement many of us aspire to. There are myriad styles of yoga to suit everyone – the important part is starting.