no obligation

It’s important that you’re 100% comfortable with an advisor before you start a journey together that will include some of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Because of this our initial consultation is completely free of charge and you’re under absolutely no obligation to appoint us.

If you’re happy to proceed after that initial consultation, fees will vary based on your individual needs. To give you some general guidance, for Investment and Pension advice we usually charge a percentage of any amount you invest or transfer through us. This amount would typically be between 1% and 3% of the total amount invested. If you want more regular advice from your adviser, there may be an additional annual charge, usually between 0.5% and 1% p.a.

In certain circumstances we may agree an hourly or fixed fee, or some combination of the above.

Any charges would be agreed with you upfront and only applied with your explicit consent. Payments would typically be deducted from your investment or pension pot.

Please note: Since 2012, it has been prohibited for advisers to receive commissions from any investment or pension companies when recommending their products or funds. We are paid only by you, the client.

Coffee before contracts

Planning your financial future with the help of someone you know and trust, who knows what’s important to you – underpinned with the reassurance of Chartered status – isn’t difficult or scary, it’s liberating.

That’s why our initial consultation (completely cost and obligation free) is an informal and straightforward chat to unpick your dreams and aspirations and understand what really matters to you. That way our advice can be tailored to what you really want, not what we want to sell.

Why make a plan? Because LifeChanges™

“I knew I could resign and focus on my grief”

Geoff Heyes


Geoff’s been a loyal client for years. A sales rep for Kohler Mira by day and lead guitar for the number one Tina Turner tribute band by night, he had two immediate financial problems; an interest only mortgage that was a ticking time bomb and some debt built up through his love of buying classic guitars.

Over the years we’d helped him clear his interest only mortgage and his guitar debt, put a plan in place to take care of his future and although he had no intention to retire he’d reached the point where he could work the hours he wanted to fit in around his time touring with the band.

Then, unexpectedly in 2020, Geoff’s wife died and life changed overnight. But because of the plans we’d already put in place and the peace of mind he got from the projections shown in the LIFE CHANGES™ cashflow model, Geoff was able to resign with immediate effect and grieve, knowing that he will be financially secure and able to move forward in time.

However your LifeChanges™ we’ll be there.