Company Pension

Many employed workers are missing out on Company Pension top-ups from their employers by only saving at the offered minimum level, research suggests.

Many larger firms offer to "match" additional pension saving by their employees, by adding a contribution when workers save more.

But insurer Royal London said that many workers were unaware of the option, and failed to take advantage.

This could make a difference of hundreds of pounds in retirement income, it said.

In simple terms, this means if somebody on average earnings chose to take up an additional 3% matched contribution to their pension pot they would receive a retirement income of £22,500 rather than £19,050, thanks to the extra contribution and tax relief.

Contributing more to your pension can be a very cost-effective strategy. At a time when money is tight for many people and pay rises may be limited, getting your employer to pay in more on your behalf for you is free money that not should be missed.

The strong opinion at SMC Financial is that if your employer offers a workplace pension, you should certainly consider joining regardless of how close you are to retirement. We also recommend putting in as much as possible to the maximum that your employer will match on your behalf.