Setting out a financial plan and thinking about your long-term goals if you have a family is important. It can help ensure you reach your goals and create security for you and future generations.

For parents and grandparents, thinking about family when setting out your financial plan can help you protect the people that are most important to you and help you get a head start on milestones you may want to help loved ones with.

Perhaps you want your children to go to private school or leave behind an inheritance that will create later life financial security? By making family a core part of your financial plan, you’re more likely to turn these goals into a reality.

The first section of this guide looks at practical things you can do to create financial security, like writing a will or opening a savings account for a child, and answers some questions you may have, such as: should I create a trust to pass on wealth?

It’s not just about the financial support we’re able to offer family either. Passing on knowledge and experience can be crucial in creating long-term security for the next generation. The second part of this guide looks at how you can help children and grandchildren lay the foundations for financial security in adulthood.

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