Life Changes
when marriage

We understand that divorce can be an extremely stressful and anxious process; and that the decisions you make can have major, long term financial consequences.

We're here to help; working alongside your solicitor or mediator, we ensure accurate information is obtained and appropriate decisions made with regard to the distribution of marital assets and your future financial freedom.

Whatever the reason for the split, you'll probably have all sorts of questions, such as:

  • Where will I live and what can I afford?
  • How much money will I need to live?
  • How do I plan for a sustainable future?
  • How do we agree the split of our assets?
  • How do I manage my financial assets that I will be given?
  • What about my pension and retirement?

By involving us as early in this process as possible, we can help answer those concerns and provide a critical role in the divorce process.

Plan ahead

  • Our ‘Life Changes’ service will include:
    Helping you complete the Form E (which sets out your financial details). We can help obtain current information relating to pension plans, investments and savings in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Upon the exchange of the Form E, check for errors or inconsistencies such as inaccurate pension values (cash equivalent transfer values) or missing information.
  • We can help identify and explain the various options in dealing with pension benefits.
  • We can provide cash flow analysis and forecast to help you consider the implications of accepting a financial settlement and how it may affect your future lifestyle.
  • If pension benefits are to be received, we can implement the pension sharing orders.

Following the completion of a divorce settlement, you may also find yourself faced with tax, investments and pension planning decisions that you had not previously considered. Our financial planners are specialists in divorce and can support and guide you in dealing with all financial planning issues that can arise, to ensure you're able to live the best possible life you can, both now and into retirement.