Life Changes
with a solid
retirement plan

At LightSide, Retirement Planning is at the core of everything we do. So we won’t just talk to you about pensions, because we know retirement planning is about so much more than that. It doesn’t matter if you're 20 years from retirement, approaching retirement or already retired; we know we can help provide clarity and peace of mind.

Do you know the type of pensions you have, the retirement options open to you or the various tax allowances available? Do you know your annual allowance from your lifetime allowance, or your money purchase allowance? If not, don’t worry. You don't have to. You can leave the boring, technical calculations to us.

Most new clients we speak to have no real idea of when they would realistically like to retire; what full retirement looks like or how much they'll need to retire.

We go right back to basics and help you to start to plan for this future event as a positive thing to look forward to. Some clients would love to retire earlier, some never want to retire and some like the idea of a phased retirement. Our ongoing ‘Life Changes’ service is proven, not to just start a solid plan but to make sure things stay on track, no matter what life throws at you.

Our holistic way of working includes factoring in all of your wealth, including properties, cash, investments as well as the obvious pensions. Once we help you know how much will be enough to live the lifestyle you want to live, then you can leave the rest to us and get on with enjoying your pre-retirement life.

Plan ahead

Below is some of the main points we can help you with

  • Understand what retirement means for you personally
  • Calculate the income and lump sums you need to achieve all you want in retirement
  • Have the confidence to retire, safe in the knowledge that you won’t run out of money and your financial future is secure
  • Recommend the most appropriate and tax efficient way of drawing an income from all of your assets including your pensions, savings and investments
  • Understand the State Pension; including what you will receive and when
  • Make the right decisions with any Defined Benefit or Final Salary pensions you have
  • Get organised with all of your plans and documents, so loved ones won’t be left with an administrative nightmare should you die prematurely
  • Live the life you desire, while maximising the amount left to your beneficiaries and good causes, when you die